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Is a Scam? Proof

By Now you probably guessed the answer to, Is a Scam? 

I decided to write this post on how to make money online. It's really all about this site i wish i found years ago. one of the best sites I've found to make real extra side cash and fast!
At first i was skeptical, like most of us are when trying a new site or program is introduced to us.
Well, i decided to give it a shot!
The Cashout is only $20
I started earning money as soon as i signed in.
completed some offers, watched some videos, and i though hmm i get paid for watching videos?
Not Bad, "if it's real" i thought.
Well the offers started confirming.. one by one.. the money earned grew.
After a couple days of completing offers ( just the free ones of course :)
I reached the cashout amount (which again is $20) and requested my check..
not having read when or how long i have to wait for it, i learned that the checks once requested are sent the 15th of the month.. I waited till the time came and was very happy to see my check arrive.
Now the first one i didn't bother to take a picture of ... i was too excited

I brought it straight the bank..
But here is some pictures of my most recent check received.
What's on your mind? Members who participate in this offer and sign-up for Cash Crate can get paid for their opinions! (Please sign-up and complete at least one offer from advertiser's site. You can select the most easiest offer to complete.)
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Cashcrate pays you by check, not by Paypal!
(2)Minimum payout is $20.00 (USA Funds)

  1. First thing you should do is to sign up here.
  2. Enter Real info (address) when signing up so you get Your Check. or you can always change it later.
  3. Create a New Email Here or of your choosing, only for the offers , this will eliminate any potential Spam sent once offers are complete. I use Gmail probably the best.
  4. You get a daily sign in bonus , don't miss it, also watch the daily videos as well for more free money, as well as the surveys, shopping. etc..
  5. But i can't forget the most important, "Refer your friends." refer as many people as you can to maximize your earnings. It will be easier once you have a check as proof to show them.
  6. Maximize your income! Create a Blog and let people know about cashcrate.
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CashCrate is a website that pays you to complete offers and short surveys.You can make money by completing offers, filling out surveys, getting referrals, and recently they even started paying their members to watch short videos and commercials! There are also occasional bonuses, a bonus for checking in daily, and a bigger bonus for checking in every day in a month!

There are also what they call CashCrate Live!
It's not done very often the next one is in Halloween so Join here and Start Earning
During Cashcrate Live you can chat with others, answer Trivia for Money.
The Top Ten Members to Complete the most offers gets $100
This is real and the best part it's absolutely FREE so Join Now!
Next Cashcrate Live will be this Halloween!!

So the answer to the Big Question is, NO Cashcrate is not a scam.
Join by Clicking here or on the banner below!

Thanks Hope this post helped someone..

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Saturday Scam? Review - Proof

Search & Win

I decided to give a try and down Below are the results!!!

Search & WinYes at first i was a little weary about wasting my time with a site which promised prizes like lockerz for instance.. I had enough to redeem but whenever a redeem date came i wasnt able to get it.---
Join and earn 1,000s of free prizes, for doing the things you do every day.
You will earn 30 SwagBucks just for registering...
You’ll also earn 10 more SwagBucks for downloading the toolbar, and 15 for uploading a profile picture.
There are many ways to Earn..                                  >>>Here's the payment Proof!<  

- But not this site I redeemed a cheap prize like the
$5 Amazon Gift Card. That’s one of the more popular rewards to redeem, by the way – along with the PayPal gift card, since it’s accepted practically anywhere online. There are tons more ways to earn .. once i received my amazon gift card i was ready to go.. and i started completing surveys watching videos, inviting more friends, and my swagbucks just kept growing till i got enough to redeem $25 in Paypal money.. Payment proof posted below...
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    Search & Win
  • Random Real Searches -
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  • Free money to be earned
  • Awesome prizes
  • Earn instant money within just a minute of time
  • User friendly and easy site to navigate site
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  • ""Here's the payment Proof! "" ~ 

  • is NOT a Scam! So Join Now and start earning
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Remeber to invite your friends to multiply your earnings... is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called “Swag Bucks”, which can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise. Things like PayPal and Amazon gift cards, toys, clothes, collectibles, games, electronics and more… is a 100% free, no strings attached, free prizes, no shipping charges, no membership fee’s. has already rewarded over a half million users with gift cards, and all kinds of exclusive prizes, to members across the United states, Canada and UK.
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Search & Win
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